Levent Pınarcı

Levent Pinarci


temporary immortality, 2024
fake tattoo sheets with symbols of infinity and rebirth, A4, series of 10

opening ‘luna lunga’, éspace libre, bienne

(time becomes meaningless in this context)2023
a series of gifs sourced in the rhetoric of the cryonic discourse

dreammouse, 2023
resin, dried blossom, metal chain, clay pebblestone replica

photo: Nina Rieben

“Did you ever interact with screens while dreaming? Like scrolling, writing, looking at pictures or videos online? Does the way we look at the surface of monitors and displays interrupt the rapid eye movement that is often associated with the experience of dreams?

Each time we interact with computer screens in our dreams, the way we look 'into' the display - a fixed point in space - disrupts the steady movements of the eyes during dream experiences and leads to immediate waking.”
“Slay, Pray, Display”, duflon/racz, 2022

back piece (12V), 2022
digital print on wood, ca 50 x 50 cm
ddownload folder (myshelf) 2022
digital print on wood, ca 140 x 115 cm

HACKOSEXUAL - hackosexuality is the erotic attraction by being hacked by others or hack value of another person. 

TRANSFORMULATION, diminutive of transformation. Performs its own unconformity, underlined with a red wave by the computer, unrecognizable to the software and therefore identified as an error, incapable of bringing to effect the call to intervene and modify; recode and re-define.

OVERLINING. As you type, Word displays a wavy line under suspect text as follows: A red line indicates a possible misspelling. A green line indicates a possible grammatical error. An overline signalizes a linguistic in(ter)vention to interpret and use words in a personalized way, choose the color of an overline and use it to comment on the process of deconstructing a word, sentence or a whole chapter - overlines will indicate that there is no misspelling or error but a critical, speculative linguistic approach that makes space for inter lingual and cultural expression. 

Int Document A,  2020

Installation view Auswahl ‘22 Kunsthaus Aarau / photo: René Rötheli

Augmented Other:ing 2020
MP4, 16’05, stereo

Cultural appropriation as a process of othering in the context of the postcolonial digital museum: Based on a case study of the 3D video mapping show Illuminariium, I use Reverse Charachter Moodboards and Video Assemblages to argue that cultural appropriation is made intangible by digital technology such as CGI/projection mapping, by constituting the digital itself as ‘the other’ that is desired and marvelled at. this multimodal artistic research analysis is captured in the following video, which contains text excerpts from the article Amsler,Claudia/ Pinarci,Levent (in peer-review, 2021). The Augmented Other. In: Freiburger Zeitschrift für Geschlechterstudien.

near birth experience, 2015
b/w print A4