A short documentation about Slay, Pray, Display at duflon/racz blending together computer generated works  together with the manufactured magical tools of S. Aktekin.

I started to know my lines quickly exploring Istanbul - geographically, but also as the remembering sentences that try to define oneself and one’s path, resulting in a series of 3 D prints that became a haptic journal throughout the residence at arthere Istanbul.

Imposed avatar is an attempt to hack the image of oneself on the screen created by the military male gaze. It is a re-appropriation through the method of glitching.

Tracing family history and traditions of transformation with “Int Document A” - screened at Auswahl `20, Kunsthaus Aarau.

Augmented Other/ing discusses cultural appropriation as a process of othering in the context of the postcolonial digital museum, published in Freiburger Zeitschrift für Geschlechterstudien.

A manifesto to preserve the wish for a slower world; introducing winterschlaf.Institute for Rote Fabrikzeitung.

If you want to listen to the music I did recently, let the Album released via Daralan Records titled Inverted Bloom introduce you  to a mystic and/but cartoonish experience.