Selin Aktekin
Levent Pinarci
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Gallerie Duflon/Racz 
22. April - 28. Mai 2022

left: Selin Aktekin - ice hay (2021) &  vulnerable, balanced, great (2022)

The sun-rays reflect on the water surface and fracture the light. One part sinks down into the deep. The other portion, playfully and mystically distorted, lands on closed eyelids and produces colorful friendly flashes. Branching in multiple directions, forming glyphs and letters, chained to each other forever.

A sequence of items of the same type forming a line between the objects they hold together, analogue to how language links meaning to a composition of letters as words.

Under a tree in spring, choose a place where the shadow of the many leaves falls onto the grass, lay down and let the light (passing through the chains in the wind) create shadow-patterns on your closed eyelids.

Did you ever interact with screens while dreaming? Like scrolling, writing, looking at pictures or videos online? Does the way we look at the surface of monitors and displays interrupt the rapid eye movement that is often associated with the experience of dreams?

Each time we interact with computer screens in our dreams, the way we look 'into' the display - a fixed point in space - disrupts the steady movements of the eyes during dream experiences and leads to immediate waking.

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